Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I’ve been busy with a myriad of projects lately, and haven’t had time to write anything.
It is late fall now, and will probably snow within a few weeks. This is one of my favorite seasons for some reason. I love the mental imagery of a bare, windblown trees and the sound of wind chimes on a dark, windy night. I also love the fall colors, as you can see by my new background.
I am trying to make a movie about fall, but I’ve gotten a bit busy with other work. I am making a short video for Mario Benassi, which he will be showing at a fundraiser for Chilkat Forest Investigators, his afterschool wildlife program. I have only had two weeks to work on it, and it is showing this Saturday, so it has kept me busy.
I also went to the first DDF meet in Juneau about a week ago. I was only in two events, Debate and Excomm, since my partner for the mime I am doing couldn’t come. I got third place in debate (along with my partner), and missed getting into the final debate (between the top two teams) by two speaker points. I also got to judge a spar debate round.
This last weekend I went up to Whitehorse with the venture scouts. Eight kids and two adults came. We camped out at the hot springs there on Saturday. Since I brought my own tent, I got it all to myself, while everyone else had to share. We went swimming in the hotsprings, and then went to see a movie (Real Steel). A few kids went swimming again later that night, but I just took pictures of the steam rising off the pools into the night air. We built a campfire and told ghost/UFO stories that night.DSC_0734_RotatedDSC_0784DSC_0642
When we woke up the next morning, it has snowed about 5 millimeters. We had oatmeal, apples, strawberries, hot chocolate, and Orange Peach Mango juice for breakfast, then packed up and drove into Whitehorse. There we went swimming at the Whitehorse pool, which has a river pool, a waterslide, and sauna, a steam room, a diving board and a rope swing. Afterwards we went shopping, since that is what most Haines people do when they are in a big city.
I have also been doing some physics experiments lately. We have a pneumatic rocket kit, and we are shooting it off and figuring out where it will go based on known quantities. Vmin_Measured_Final
We did a experiment inside were we shot the rocket straight up, next to a scale, and filmed it. Knowing that we had a frame rate of 30 fps, we could find how far the rocket went in that time period and thus find its speed. Unfortunately, the rocket went too fast to show up in the camera except as a blur. So, upon a suggestion from the photography teacher, we shot it in the dark with a long exposure and a flash with a strobe function. We found a speed of 80 miles per hour.
We also shot it off outside a a known angle and measured how far it traveled. Then, using some formulas, we were also able to find a speed, although this would have been somewhat effected by air resistance. We found a similar speed to what we found the first time.