Monday, July 12, 2010

Venture Scout Camp

This weekend the Venture Scouts were going to go and camp on Pyramid Island. We were going to Zodiak out there, but when Saturday came, it was horribly windy and rainy.
The Venture Scouts own 28.8 acres of property, which is where we went instead of Pyramid Island. On the property there is a cabin and a large shelter with a firepit. When we got to the cabin, it smelled horrible of mouse poop. They had eaten through all of the old food and made a huge mess. For the first two hours I helped Greg (our scout leader), and Brenda, the other chaperone, clean out the cabin. A few of the other kids helped, but mostly they just sat around talking.
After cleaning out the cabin I helped set up a sailboat that they had. Quinn, an eleventh grader, has a sail boat, so he knew how the rigging was supposed to go. We got all of the lines untangled and raised the sails. One had a few holes, so we will probably buy a new one.
I told Greg I would be interested in learning to sail, so after we fix it up, we might get someone to give us lessons. After that we got out some unfinished wooden kayaks and looked at those. We built a fire in the fire pit and cooked steak and potatoes in tin foil.
After dinner we got out some tents and set them all up. The venture scouts own about 15 tents, but they took a while to set up, so we shared tents. For the rest of the night we sat around the campfire and drank hot chocolate.
The next morning I got up about a half-hour before everyone else and built a fire. After everyone else was up, they heated coffee on the fire. For breakfast we had bacon and eggs.
We were going to try cooking them in paper bags. The bacon fat would keep the bottom from burning, so it would leave a platter. It didn't work very well so se just cooked them in skillets on the campfire. We also wrapped some apples and sugar and cinnamon in tinfoil and cooked it on the fire.