Sunday, December 19, 2010

Battery Point Hike

Over the Christmas vacation, we have been try to get out and go Cross-country skiing and hiking every day. While in New Zealand, we will be going on two four-day backpacking trips, so we need to get into shape.

We hiked out to Battery Point a few days ago. There was almost no snow, but it was icy. There are about five different streams that you cross on the way, and all of these were solid ice. Part of the reason we went was a geocache I wanted to find. I got a GPS a few years ago, but there are only one or two geocaches in town, so this is the first one I have found. When we got to the beach, there were huge waves crashing on the shore. Much different from the summer!

We have been out to Chilkoot Lake a few times. The first time we went, there wasn't very much snow, so we walked. The lake was mostly frozen over, and was thick enough to walk on (about 4-6 inches.) However, a couple of weeks ago some people fell in, but managed to get themselves out. We walked out on the ice and rolled around and had fun slipping and sliding. A couple people were out ice skating. My sister can skate, but I never learned.

I took a few panoramas, laying on the ice and swiveling around.

To see the images, check out my Picasa gallery.