Thursday, July 28, 2011

Denali Rocks!

Hi Everyone (not that anyone besides my family reads this)

I am still at ASRA, but I got back from our five day Denali field trip Tuesday night. We had lots of amazing bear, moose, caribou, coyote, ground squirrel, etc. encounters. We also got to see some amazing rock formations and pick up a few (six, to be exact) rock samples. It was amazing fun and very beautiful.

You may have heard of a bear attack on a group of 7 kids and two instructors near Denali. Thankfully, this was not my group, although we did come close (okay, not that close, but more later).

On Friday (it's Wednesday night) we have to give a presentation to about 150 people. We have made a video, but I only have two days to edit it, plus do a lot of other cool things (like use a Scanning Electron Microscope!!). As you can imagine, I'm working pretty hard, so I won't have time to work on my blog until Friday night. Look for more updates then.

(This is a amazing photo taken by Peter, a friend of mine in my module)

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