Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 12- Presentations

The presentations of all the modules were  today, all 15 or so of them, so we sat in  the auditorium from 9-3, just listening to  presentation. I set my computer to render it  again, and finally, during lunch, about a  hour before it was our turn to go, it  finished. I put it on a presentation  computer and got it to work.


Images by Peter Johnson

The presentation went very well, and we had  a funny Q&A session afterwards. If I can, I will try and post part of it.

I said goodbye to my classmates and teachers  that night. All but one of them was leaving  that night, while I didn't leave till the  morning. We had burgers for dinner.

McIntosh, the remote dorm, wasn't rented for  that night, so they gave me a new room all  to myself in the Lathrop dorms. It had very nice new furniture.

That night I played games and ate popsicles.  I played Apples to Apples until 11:00 and  then I finally had to go to bed (but not  before eating another popsicle!).

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